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Valentine’s Contest Winners!

Hey all!

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the Blue Bloods Valentine’s Day contest! I really loved them all — it’s so great to see love for all the couples from the books!

Since I couldn’t choose just one, I chose two winners:

Ashley Sclafani for her Mimi And Kingsley love and Mary Vang for her Jack and Sky love!

My assistant will contact you guys so we can send you your signed copies of Bloody Valentine!

Thanks again to everyone, and there are more contests and giveaways on the way!


Answer to today’s Guess The Quote: Mimi to Kingsley, Revelations, pg. 246!

Happy Valentine’s Day Blue Bloods fans! Give a shout out to your favorite couple! 

Blue Bloods Guess The Quote!

Who said it?

“You will not find me such easy prey as the others.”