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Want a SIGNED copy of The Ring and The Crown?

“But it doesn’t matter what we feel for each other.  We can’t do this.  I’m a solider, your servant…and you are the princess.”-The Ring and The Crown 

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Get a signed copy of The Ring and The Crown!

“Perceptive and beautiful,” he said. “I like that.” His blue eyes sparkled and there was merriment there, and possibility.-The Ring and The Crown 

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“It was too bad she didn’t know he had a ring in his pocket, and that if she’d said yes, she would have been wearing the famous blue diamond of Bradenburg on her finger when the arrived in London.”-The RIng and The Crown 

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“On the morning of the royal ball, Ronan woke up earlier than usual.  She could not wait to see her dress…”-The Ring and The Crown 

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