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“It was too bad she didn’t know he had a ring in his pocket, and that if she’d said yes, she would have been wearing the famous blue diamond of Bradenburg on her finger when the arrived in London.”-The RIng and The Crown 

Happy Valentines Day! Share this post if you have already or are going to Pre-order your copy!

Blue Bloods: True Love


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Here is a Blue Bloods Music Friday all about True Love!

Blue Bloods: True Love

1. You’re All I Need To Get By- Marvin Gaye

2. You Da One- Rihanna

3. I Love You More Than Words Can Say-Otis Redding

4. All I Have To Give-Backstreet Boys

5. At Last-Etta James

6. Thank God I Found You- Mariah Carey

7. 25/8- Mary J. Blige

8. Halo- Beyonce

9. Love You I Do- Jennifer Hudson

10. L-O-V-E- Nat King Cole