Just a short note to say I’m alive

Hey all,
So much stuff has been happening…I’ve been on book tour for Girls who like boys who like boys, I was at the fabulous BookExpo America where I did two signings and met tons of great authors and many of you wonderful readers, we had tons of parties–oh the parties! And I didn’t welsh on my Fashion Challenge! I now own two Philip Lim dresses–I bought a white one to wear to the GWLB book party in New York. (It was $350 from $515 at the Barneys sale.)
And now we’re home and there’s so much dry-cleaning it’s sick.
And I’m STILL writing the Ashleys!! Which is coming out this December!! I am now in the major rewrite phase wherein I discover my first draft truly, truly, awfully sucks the big one and I have to rewrite everything and get in there and WORK.
So…I must bid adieu…

Oh! And I forgot what I wanted to say: I’m going to be chatting with readers at the Blue Bloods forums on June 25th at 4PM PST/7PM EST. It is run by the fabulous Amanda, who almost got run over by an out-of-control motorized wheelchair at BEA during my signing. We survived, thankfully.