Love the One You’re With (Shoe-Wise!)

Revelations quote of the day:

She couldn’t deny it: someone wanted her killed.

Who’s she??? Who wants her killed? Find out October 28th! You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

Thanks to the fabulous and sweet librarians from Suffolk County who hosted me today at their annual luncheon! You guys are awesome!! And I hope you all enjoy Revelations!!

I just got back from Barneys. Husband: But we have one of those in L.A.!

Me: It’s not the same! The L.A. Barneys sucks!!!

Okay, so it does not suck that much especially since I do spend so much money there. But the Noo Yawk Barneys is so much better: more shoes, more selections. Although I will say that because New York people are more fashionable that they are all out of that crocodile pump boot from YSL that I now really, really want because—poof! I can’t find it anywhere anymore. Sigh. You always want the ones you can’t have.