WonderTwin Powers, Activate!

I am EXHAUSTED as I always am when I am in New York. Phew! Thanks to all the fabulous librarians, press peeps (Seventeen mag, holla!), and wonderful young people who came to the luncheon and the library visit. Thank you Ann and Jack from NYPL!! You guys rock!! And thanks for the awesome Blue Bloods soundtrack the book club put together—Rihanna: Disturbia, how did you know??? 🙂

Anyway, today’s quote is from the Force wondertwins. Vampire powers=shape of…supermodels! Kidding.

“Are you sure?” Mimi asked, looking disappointed. “But without the Archangel’s blessing…”
“They will be just as deadly,” Jack soothed. “Nothing can change their power. Their power comes from the two of us.”

I’ve heard the book is trickling into stores…so keep an eye out! But it’s officially out Oct 28th, which means the displays will be up, and it’s guaranteed to be in the stores by then. You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!