You can go home again!

Had the MOST fun event last night at the fabulous Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma. All the events on this tour have been really fun and energizing and filled with so many cool teens—you guys are so stylish and enthusiastic it’s been really wonderful meeting you all!!! And thanks so much to Marci and Art at Copperfield’s, who hand-sold Blue Bloods and The Au Pairs to their buyers and spread the word really early. You guys make it all worth it.

It’s so nice to be “home” in a way (although to me New York will always be my real home). This is the city where my family moved to from Manila when we immigrated. I am an alumni of the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a school that I appreciate more and more as I get older—how wonderful and cozy the atmosphere was, how dedicated the teachers were—while I didn’t have the best experience socially in high school (sometimes it was downright miserable) I have come to realize some of it was inevitable given my personality and circumstances at the time. It’s so much easier for be popular when one is confident and blessed instead of shy and struggling.

Last night as we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog, I saw mountains covered with mist streaming down from the clouds. Wow. It was really breath-taking. Ours is a really beautiful country, and it was nice to get the chance to see some parts of it I had never seen before (Phoenix and Austin) and revisit the cities I grew up in and re-discover how amazing they are (New York and San Fran).

I’m in a writer-group email list, and one of its members sent over a link to this post about how the book business is really suffering during this economic downturn, and how we can all help by buying books this Christmas. I always buy books anyway, I think half of our money goes right back into the book business—we’re always at B&N or Book Soup or Vroman’s or Borders buying up books—somehow Mike and Mattie and I are genetically unable to leave a bookstore without spending $50 or more, and that does not even include the late-night Amazon shopping! And I hate to be preachy so I would say, just buy whatever you like—books or sweaters or fancy handbags, but dear god, let’s go out there and BUY SOMETHING! LOL!

Is it just me or is everyone not shopping? I haven’t bought anything (well, except for tons of books) in a while. But I also have to say: I shopped A LOT last month and just finished paying off the scary credit card bills (hands over eyes and ears and noses in denial about what fashion truly costs). So I have a pass. I think. If fashionistas stop shopping we really are in trouble.

Anyway: some fab news: the Blue Bloods series holds steady at #7 on the New York Times Best-Seller List! Hooray!!

I’ve been reading all the reviews of Revelations online, they are all dear to me especially the ones that start out “I am a huge fan of this series, BUT…” oh, that BUT, that BUT kills me. And I just realized I have a completely different experience from reading my books because I *know* the answers to all the questions and so when I read them, I know what I’m hinting at… but I now realize this is NOT how you guys read it at all, and for you, it is frustrating not to know why or how something happened. All I can say is: trust me. I have a big and juicy story to tell, and it will all be told. And book four will be big!

As a reader, I share your pain. I have been an avid fan of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series for YEARS now and am EAGERLY awaiting A Dance with Dragons, forever. And his books don’t even come out every year! You have to wait like, three or four years before reading the next book! Oy! Authors. We suck, don’t we?? 😉
I’m very excited about this news: A Song of Ice and Fire is coming to HBO!!! Woo-hoo!!! Greenlight that sucker!!

Anyway, I’m off to a big day again. Hope you all come see me tonight!!!
This is my last appearance on this tour. After this, I go back to my home and my family and my books that need to be written.

November 13, 2008 (7:00 PM)
Reading/Signing in Palo Alto, CA!
Books, Inc.
855 El Camino Real #74
Palo Alto, CA
(650) 321-0600

I’ll be appearing with Ellen Hopkins and Elizabeth Scott and Christina Meldrum! Fun!!!