Candy Fairies, What Parents Look Like

So one of my FAVORITE people on the planet is Helen Perelman, who was my original editor on Blue Bloods. (It goes without saying that my current editor Jennifer Besser is ALSO one of my favorite people on the planet!) But this is about Helen, who since leaving me and the BB’s has become a writer herself. Back when Blue Bloods was still a massive outline and not a book, Helen was the one who said “Mimi! I love Mimi!” and “Hmm, but we gotta work on Schuyler, okay?” and “Can we have at least ONE character who does not smoke??” Helen and I are both former smokers and I think I was on nicotine withdrawal in Blue Bloods because the characters all smoked (since I couldn’t). Anyway, the smoking has lessened in my life and in my books (I don’t even miss it anymore!) mostly because I got all these emails from YOU GUYS who said “Why do they smoke? It is BAD to smoke!” And you know what, you guys are RIGHT. Sigh. It is bad for your health. And even if you’re immortal, you probably should not smoke. Sometimes, it’s your readers who become your role models, not the other way around.

Anyway, you know an editor gets you when they are fond of the character you are most fond of. I love all my characters equally, but I always had a soft spot for Mimi since I’m the type of person who sympathizes with spoiled brats being a former spoiled brat myself.

And this is all a tangent for a plug for Helen’s new delicious series for 6-9 year olds called CANDY FAIRIES. And don’t forget to check out her tween books as well on her site!

Look how cute!

And this weekend the internets were abuzz with news of Angelina and Brad’s breakup. Yeah, I’m on a first name basis with them, just like the rest of America. I was riveted by this news. (Ask my husband!) Because: c’mon! Perfect couple! Great kids! BREAKUP??? JUICY! I crowed “SO! You can’t have it all! Ha! Ha!” But I was worried, since the tabloid gods as in People Magazine, which is a NEWS ORGANIZATION – I once interviewed to become a reporter there and that place is like, LEGIT, you should see the phone-book sized instruction book they give all their reporters. I got one even though I never filed any stories. Did you know that if you want to be in People, you HAVE to allow them to photograph you at home with your family? And that they will reveal your REAL age? Think about it. Some celebs are never in People because of the age fact-checking. Oh yeah.

Anyway, so. People was mum about the Brangelina breakup for a day or two and then finally on Sunday, they REFUTED the break up. Which meant that there was no break up because as someone pointed out, how can they get divorced if they’ve never been married??

Here they are looking all fabu at some red carpet thing.


And here they are with their family.

And you know why I think the breakup rumors are wrong? Because god they look like such parents. Look HOW BORED they look. That is how parents look. A mixture of TIRED and BORED. And that is a happy family right there. You know if you saw me and my husband and kid, (and we only have one not six) Mike and I look just as BORED and TIRED. And we’re together. No breakups here either. That’s just what having a family looks like. You’re out. The kids are being cute. But it’s still a bit of drudgery. Don’t get me wrong: kids are a joy and they are awesome. But the day to day life with them looks pretty much like this. BORING. (And they’re at Cafe Metro! In New York! Cool!)

I admit it is kind of ridiculous to talk about celeb’s lives as if they are our BFFs but I didn’t make the culture, I just live in it. BTW, where IS Tiger Woods???