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Answer to today’s Guess The Quote: Oliver to Sky, Revelations, pg. 67!

Blue Bloods Guess The Quote!

Who said it?

“Why should we follow the old laws? Why should anyone care anyway?”

Blue Bloods Fan Playlist by Ingrid Maynard

1. A Hundred More Years – Francesca Battistelli
2. Broken Arrow – Pixie Lott
3. Resistance – Muse
4. Lost Without Your Love – Amy Pearson
5. The Lonely – Christina Perri
6. I Need To Know – Kris Allen
7. Bring On the Wonder – Susan Enan
8. Without a Word – Birdy
9. The Light – Sara Bareilles
10. The One You Say Goodnight To – Kina Grannis
11. Somewhere – (from the musical West Side Story)
12. We Are Stars – The Pierces

Answer to today’s True or False: FALSE, Killian is not Loki, he is Balder!

Here’s a sneak peek from SERPENT’S KISS, book 2 in Mel’s WITCHES series – out June 12th!

“He’s the one! He’s the one!” they said, pointing toward the fireplace and couch, where Freddie and Killian were standing. It was impossible to tell exactly whom they were pointing at.

Answer to today’s Unscramble: BEAUCHAMP WOMEN!