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Hey guys!

I know you are all excited about FROZEN, the first book in a new series that I’m co-writing with my husband and SO ARE WE! But I need to clear up a few things about its release and cover.

FROZEN has been moved to September 2013! It was supposed to have come out in March 2013 but it turns out September is a MUCH better time for the book, and so it goes in that slot now.

Also, a preliminary cover of the book was leaked somehow and while that cover is awesome, IT IS NOT OUR FINAL COVER. It’s hard to un-do the web, so I know I’ll be seeing that non-final-cover forever, but there’s a reason why you haven’t seen that cover on my blog, or revealed in a big splashy way. It’s because IT’S NOT OUR COVER. Once we do have the final cover, we will do it in a big, swanky, splashy way! (Image used is not cover image either.)

So that’s our news for the day. Mike and I are really proud of the book and CANNOT wait for you all to read it!!!


Blue Bloods (and Wolf Pact!) Music Fridays!

Lawson & Tala’s Playlist

1. Make You Mine – Best Coast 
2. Living In Paradise – Elvis Costello 
3. A Sight To Behold – Eisley 
4. Slow Hands – Interpol 
5. Revival – Lovedrug 
6. Devotion – Jessie Ware 
7. Every Night – Imagine Dragons 
8. I Just Love You More – Kate Nash 
9. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz 
10. Empty Room – Arcade Fire

Answer to today’s True or False is FALSE!

The city silhouette on the cover of Blue Bloods is of NEW YORK, NOT Los Angeles.

Blue Bloods True or False?

The city silhouette on the cover of Blue Bloods is of Los Angeles.