Mel Answers!

On March 8, 2012, Natasha had this to say:

Could you tell us a little bit more about The Other Land Chronicles and Frozen?

Sure! Frozen is the first book in my new series The Other Land Chronicles, and it comes out from Penguin in 2013. It’s the first series where my husband Mike Johnston and I are given equal credit. Mike did a lot of work on Blue Bloods, Witches of East End and Wolf Pact, and is my collaborator. For instance, he’s the one who came up with the Silver Bloods! 🙂 And we’re psyched that now we both get to share the credit on the book cover. They’ve always been “our” books but usually they only have my name on them.

Frozen is set in 111 CD, one hundred and eleven years after a Catastrophic Disaster destroyed the earth—the Big Freeze turned deserts into a frozen tundra and New Vegas is a city covered with ice. Sixteen year old Cass Wyverton is a dealer at the Loss, what used to be called the Wynn, and something changes in her during a bombing at the casino one night. She decides to do what all the pilgrims do—those desperate to get out of the RSA (the Representative States of America or, as everyone calls it “the Remaining States of America”)—and leave for the Blue, the other land, where the waters aren’t poisoned and the sky is still clear. She hires Whit Ryan and his team of mercenaries to take her across the Ruined Pacific in search of this place, on a journey that is filled with danger and adventure in every turn. It’s a fun action-packed thrill-ride, with mystery, adventure, romance and magic.

I’m so obsessed with this book and I can’t wait for you all to read it!