Poetry Contest Winner!

Hey all!

Congratulations to Alyssa S. for winning the poetry contest!

Check out her poem below and thanks to everyone who submitted an entry! They were all fantastic!

“A Stolen Moment”
By Alyssa S.

The green of his eyes
Seemed greener as he moved close.
He removed my mask,
And a whisper of a breath
Halted the gallop of time.

The brush of his lips
Was a caress against mine.
Somehow, the tender
Strokes became everlasting,
As I yielded to each one.

But the illusion
Was sharply broken, and the
Tender touch was gone.
It left like a phantom, as
The reverie lay shattered.

Did I procure that
Ethereal radiance?
Will his visage lie
Hidden from me forever?
Was he real, a wish, a dream?

-Kady (Mel’s Assistant)